Online Jigsaw/Puzzles (Rolling)

Hello all.

Got the idea for a friend who has been doing the online jigsaw Barnsley Museum have were posting a jigsaw each day.

They are timed so maybe could do some kind of leaderboard.

I think can even post an image make your own online jigsaw, so could maybe do some DiS themed ones.

Anyway let’s start with a nice one of a dog.



Couldnt find one of the corner pieces, was like you literally can’t loose a piece. And started panicking when I just had fur left after 10mins

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Took me a while to realise that the jigsaw was way smaller than the frame


That dog’s got a bloody attitude

Need a bit of attitude to be ‘on the alert’. Otherwise the king of england could just waltz in any time he wants.

Today’s puzzle

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Tried on my phone today when not great results

Back to work laptop tomorrow I think

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Easier than yesterdays

How are people doing them in two minutes wtf

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9:22 for the dog
6:00 for the palace (both on mobile)
My eyes hurt


Today’s jigsaw, can have a bit of extra fun by pretending the Berkshire boy is @Avery or @eltham or someone as a child


Yeah I had a bit of a nightmare (attempted on mobile again as couldnt be arsed putting on the laptop), seemed harsher on dropping in the correct place for someone reason so took like 3 drops to get them connect on some of them.

Will happily take 6.40


Bit late to this party

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Surely we all have to do this one?


Ok let’s go with this one as today’s jigsaw :slight_smile:

Pretty easy one, due to the colours

FFS my work’s firewall blocks the site and it’s well annoying on mobile

I wanna jigsaw :cry:

If you find a diff website that’s unblocked, can start using that.