Online learning platforms

Got any recommendations? Positive/negative experiences?

I tried to do a Coursera course on postmodernism but turns out that’s really boring.

I’ve tried various online guitar lesson platforms, from which I’ve learned that Guitar Tricks is ok and Fender Play is total, total shit.

Lots of economics stuff on here

I keep meaning to dive in whenever I don’t have much work on, but I just prefer to dick around on my phone instead. Like now.

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Genuinely might dive into this, the Varoufakis book I’m currently reading is terrible.

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I’ve only ever used Learning and Udemy really, but that’s because I get them free via work. seem decent for learning code type stuff, dunno about anything else though. not sure I’d pay for them out of my own pocket. tempted to give an Udemy guitar course a go but if I do it’ll go on my work training record which will be fun.

oh yeah, does Duolingo count? having fun learning German on there, not sure I’ll be able to actually use German properly by the end of it but enjoyable nonetheless (apart from when they introduced adjectives and how the ends differ based on case/gender/the word before it/whether it’s strong or weak, that can jog on)

Pluralsight :+1:

I had a trial for that, seemed decent

Did a few coursera things a couple of years ago. I didn’t really commit to the coding ones as they were just out of interest, but the ARCgis one I did when I started using that for work was really good. Came with a free license for a better version of the software than my employer has. Led to some irritation when I couldn’t do some really useful things in work as the software didn’t have the features.


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Really like economics, definitely what I would’ve studied if I was smarter. Did quite a lot in my degree, I could get my head around it when applied to real world stuff but a lot of the more pure theory just went over my head.

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I know someone who did a GIS masters, she’s spent the last few years working for an NGO trying to improve the conditions in refugee camps in the Middle East and now South Asia. One of the coolest people I know.

It’s a fascinating topic and really powerful tool for getting to understand data in a way that makes more sense in the real world. Wish I’d had a bit more of a chance to really dive into it.


They have loads of courses/paths/lessons in coding/design software, and it’s free for the whole of April.

futurelearn is quite nice :slight_smile: especially the fluffier stuff.

Can you add online courses to your cv? Are they respected? Might try and do a project accounting one online

in my field, even things like doing google’s free analytics academy course is a good thing to put on your CV. not exactly a massive game changer, but shows initiative and interest in any case.

I’d like you to know that I searched for and could not find a bit in one of the Partridge books where he talks about Wikipedia making universities irrelevant.

Thanks prof!