Online mp3 'shops' that aren't Amazon/iTunes etc.?


Was looking at picking up Thundercat’s Apocalypse online cheap as mp3s, but don’t like using Amazon and iTunes for vague ethical reasons.

Are there any good online music shops that pay the artists well, don’t dodge tax, and/or have a large collection of stuff?


Looking online, Bleep seems pretty solid. anyone know anything about it?




Bleep and Boomkat are both good, especially for electronica and techno type stuff

It’s always worth checking first if things are available direct from the label - indie labels often sell MP3s cheaply, especially if they are priced in dollars


Bleep is excellent, both for physical releases and MP3s. I believe it is owned by/associated with Warp and I always buy Warp releases from them. They give you free MP3 or FLAC files with every physical purchase, too


As I suspected, you can buy Thundercat MP3s direct from Ninjatune much cheaper than Amazon or ITunes


That’s awesome, cheers