online music/media libraries

Got lazy for the last five years, old iPod’s long-dead and accepted the inevitable I’ll likely only ever listen to music on my phone ever again. But that basically means only listening to Spotify. I unearthed an old external hard-drive with loads of music I’ve not listened to in years and would love to access conveniently.

I’ve discovered Plex which is nearly perfect - decent library interface, universal apps for laptop/telly/phones, videos too, can cast to anything - except it requires an old soon-obsolete windows 7 PC and the whirring hard-drive to always be on, accessing the server.

Would be willing to pay a subscription for basically the exact same thing except with the files uploaded to a cloud thing, either directly or accessing a google drive type thing. Does that exist?

Any tech-savvy people have a decent system?


I’m sure ten years ago Spotify gave you the option of merging your own downloads with their library and make playlists etc featuring both. Would love something like that now.

I do this with Google play music, it lets me use my own songs from my lovingly built music library of almost 15 years


Google Play Music does this, it doesn’t distinguish between its library and music you’ve uploaded to it.


Can’t believe I wasn’t aware of what you could do with Google Play. It’s basically perfect, except for the interface which is a bit basic and will take some getting used to. Would bloody love it if was as sleek as spotify.

Now to just find something for the old collections of non-netflix telly my friend downloaded.

i just plug an external hard drive into my telly