Online Reputation


Who do you think works hardest to preserve their online reputation? Who is the most laissez-faire (french for “could not give a shit” I think).

Can you give examples please?


I think Theo does a lot of (very admirable) work on the upkeep of his personal brand


Balonz, both answers.


Some of those Reddit power posters are weird as fuck


Theo really didn’t like that avatar changing business from a week ago. So it’s probably him who’s trying hardest?

You did mean just drowned in sound didn’t you?


Mate - I don’t know what I meant. Just type some words and it’ll soon be hometime.


Trump must be one of the most laissez-faire.


marckee, method actor basically




All caught up with him in the end though didn’t it. Or not. Idk.


My reputation as hardman and love-machine has just kind of developed without any real effort from me.

It feels very fluid and mutable to me. I’m interested in seeing where it goes next.


saps, mate.

urgh…this is awkward…