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we know we did this the other day - but this is a good one

‘Okay, a quickie.
Express Repairs is situated on Blatchington Road in Hove and offers repair and tailoring service for clothes. I didn’t actually need anything repairing, but had a quick look at the store, which is nothing to write home about. I did think that if I ever need something repairing I will take it here. Sometimes the fact that a place looks like it is being used practically, to the point where there is no time for showiness, fills me with hope that you’re dealing with ballsy professionalism. So, to conclude, this review is mainly intended so you know this place exists and the next time you bust the back of your flares whilst recreating a scene out of Saturday Night Fever, you’ll know exactly where to go. BANG!
3 stars out of five’

a 3 star review for a service he has never used?


I have reviewed this thread. 2/5.




I wish you well with your new repair shop, Chris.


I’m in a reasonably good mood.



I love on tripadvisor when the reviewer slags off the hotel for something it has absolutely no control over. “The restaurant across the road was terrible!”


nick cave used to live round there, so there is a very good chance that that song has been written specifically about this issue


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i mean he wrote it 20 years ago, but i agree


Fantastic hotel - helpful staff, comfy beds, great food, romantic setting. However girlfriend dumped me during stay. 1/5