Online Security

How paranoid are you?

I listened to a podcast about Sim Swapping and account hacking and almost needed a lay down.

It was this one, if you’re feeling brave #130 The Snapchat Thief | Reply All

I wasn’t really taking any precautions previously but I’m 2 stepping it all over the place now, and I’m also using a completely separate mobile number solely for account verification.


Extremely blasé


I can tell.

I like this picture of you with the halibut.

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Yes! I have to admit, that episode did freak me out a little bit.

I’m 2-step on every fucking app that allows it INCLUDING DiS.

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Not sure I can trust you enough to answer this question saps, going to need to know your mother’s maiden name first

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This just made me think of a Radiohead joke that could be made about the mobile operating system Android and the paranoia referred to in the OP.

No problem, it’s Stumplefriltspin.

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I’m in your snapchat account, you doofus.

really don’t give a shit tbh

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But as a major DiS celebrity you’re a prime target.


I’ve had my spotify account hacked into twice this year. wouldn’t mind but they always listen to absolute shit and it messes up my recommendations


They’d stop my songs and put on terrible instrumental hip hop.

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Just had a look to see if Spotify has 2factor and love the way their support forums work

This problem is SOLVED! Click here for the solution.


Solution: This is not possible!


exactly this yeah. just loads and loads of bad instrumental hip hop, bizarre

yeah sorry that was me

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Think I take it pretty seriously. Just downloaded this podcast though, which will no doubt prove otherwise…

I forgive you, but please don’t do it again

my spotify end of year playlist thing is gonna be a fucking mess. can’t wait