Only connect series 19 - Isotopes vs Gardeners 27/11

Good episode last night, much more fun and chirpier than last week: geez - that team last week were miserable.

The first picture round last night was utter bullshit.

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Think I would’ve struggled to hold it together for that missing vowels round. Lovely question writing.

Worth it for…


Edit: meant as a reply to roasty, obviously

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Not watched last night’s yet but the Gardners are the nicest team we met. GBOGs


two great bunches of lads

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I bet there is a rubber anniversary

Rubber? I hardly know her!

8th anniversary apparently, alternatively bronze.

Is it just me or is anyone else so disinterested in the missing vowels round that they don’t even bother watching it most weeks? I find it so out of sync with the rest of the show which is a shame as it’s often the decisive round.

I don’t mind it but it does always feel as though it has too much effect on things.

I tend to watch on catch up these days, nice being able to forward through the horrendous crime novel stuff and go straight to the teams being introduced.

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So much this. This was an awful misstep, but she’s committed to it sadly.

I don’t really have a problem with the missing vowels. If anything surely the wall is the bulky points round? This week’s vowels seemed trickier than usual for me. I guess perhaps the main argument is that it’s far more based on fastest reactions than the other rounds, but then why not?

Missing vowels also has more comedy potential than the other rounds due to early buzzing and then blurted out bad guesses.

Me and Mrs F can’t surely be the only people with the following viewing strategy:

Fast forward through credits and VCM opening monologue.

Laugh at the uncomfortable team introductions

Watch first two rounds at normal speed, perhaps with the odd pause if you think you’ve got an idea that needs a bit of thought.

Pause both walls, work them out until you get bored then watch them do it faster.

Missing vowels at normal speed.

Stop recording and delete before she goes off on one again.

Vowels is absolutely the most pivotal round. Both because it’s the most available points and it’s head to head.

Makes for a really good finish in tight games but it definitely has too much of an impact on the result of a game

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Watch it all at normal speed with pangs of second-hand embarrassment at the crime novel, singalong interludes, and ‘knowing’ missing vowels topics.

Love the vowels. If anything, the wall is the shittest round


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Big fan of their teeth, which as Mrs F astutely pointed out, they must have got from their dad.

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Also assume that this was no accident…