Only connect series 19 - Isotopes vs Gardeners 27/11

Rooting for the underdog

3 DiSsers on Only Connect is the best news ever. Can’t wait to watch you!


Sub-thread to tide us over for a bit (cos I couldn’t see it mentioned in any search results on here): what do people think about Puzzling (Channel 5, hosted by Lucy Worsley)?

It’s a little bit messy:

  • teams splitting up halfway through
  • question types/rounds cropping up twice in the programme
  • questions heavily relying on being able to clearly see the on-screen info but that info being off-s reen or hard to see
  • need to get a bit more familiar with the layout of the number wall
  • slight over-reliance on what I understand to essentially be Pictionary clues
  • not fully convinced about the thesaurus phrase thing
  • the outright fast and furious nature of some bits can make it feel harder to play along with compared to OnlyConnect (missing vowels round excepted, I suppose)

But despite all that, it’s nice to have a lateral thinking alternative to the usual straight up general knowledge, so I’ll stick with it for the time being.

On that note, it’s on later than is ideal, but The 1% Club with Lee Mack has been alright when I’ve seen it. More drawn out and showbizzy and sometimes the questions are a little bit ‘clickbait-style’, but pretty fun.

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Need to know your team name so I can change my vote!

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day simpsons GIF

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“So, how do you all know each other?”
“From gigs.”



this is pretty cool. as usual I’ll enjoy the first round or two of shows then inevitably drift off in the later stages when it starts getting towards the business end of the series.

like an only connect spurs.

First episode tonight

  • Cribbagers
  • Gunners
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Haha, nobody ever says Gunners


Ah thought you bozos where on this one

No, You Bozos are a different episode.

Could have beat these cribbage bozos on my own

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Gunners are really good then.

I’d like to see Travis Barker in the kardashians


I am usually terrible at the starting round, but was straight onto __village __breakfast. I think as the former was chucked around a whole lot in the late 90s when the WWW was really taking off.

Was thinking it was associated with Live Aid, but that was ‘global jukebox’.