Only connect series 19 (starts July 17th)

I got another five pointer last night! The one that started “number ends in a 0 or 5”. As a Maths Boy, there was no way I wasn’t going to get that.


Cheery bunch, this lot:


They got it too didn’t they? They just bottled it and picked a second.

Personally I’d have gone for “ends in a zero when represented in binary”

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One of those annoying ones where you get it on the first but need the second to confirm the direction the sequence is moving in

Maths nerds know which way that sequence was going though. Although there is a rule for divides by seven it’s shit.

[although I’d accept they wouldn’t have to guess it, just read it]

Actually thinking about it I think it would have been better running up from 2 to 5

Why was she wearing a mask

She’s a Coren. They do things to be annoying

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I’d love to see stats on average points accumulated on the round one music question compared with the average points accumulated on all other questions.

Both Victoria and the teams always seem to make a big deal about how undesirable it is but they’re never that difficult and are probably more guessable when you can only identify a single song.


I’d guess a high success rate but a low points per question. Pretty rare you get an early buzz on it

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I found it funny that I didn’t recognise my favourite band of all time this week. Admittedly I can’t remember when Nigel last had any hair

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I knew there wasn’t a good method for dividing by 7, so that’s how I deduced it was heading downwards…

(edit: sorry, missed that @colinfilth got there first)

My first thought was Tombola for ends in 0 or 5

I also thought that at clue 1.

Haven’t seen a full episode but looks like C5 have had a go at creating their own version of Only Connect, with Lucy Worsley fulfilling the posh awkward presenter role.

Watched a few, and wanted to like it, but drifted away over the last two or three weeks.

One of the main issues I have is that Worsley is made kinda superfluous in that she’s not judging the answers. She just says ‘let’s have a look and see if you’re right’. With a whole reveal rigmarole, rather than a quick ‘yep’ and onto the next one.

Don’t really vibe with the ‘teams, then individuals’ thing, either.

They really could (and should) condense the unwieldy hour into half an hour. And keeping it just as a teams thing, and giving Worsley the answers so she does the judging would go a long way towards sorting that.

Also, too many parts of it are basically just ‘count these items quickly’.

The wall of hidden words could be ok, but without having that wall of numbers in view, to place the location of each number, it’s kinda harder to play along as a viewer.

The whole thing goes towards sorting how good OC is and how suited VCM is to hosting this kind of thing. (I like LW a lot in her other stuff, but Puzzling ain’t quite clicking in it’s current format.)

It’s better than the crappy Hive Mind thing hosted by Fiona Bruce that the BBC came up with after the initial success of OC, though.

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when are the Isotopes back on?

There are 2 more losers playoffs, then we’ll be in the third of the winners playoffs I think.

So 4 weeks tomorrow if my maths are right


okay cheers, couldn’t recall if you had said the date or not


Naming consistency restored.