Only just realised how odd it is

That the song “My Humps” refers to someone having junk in their trunk but humps are tits.

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I think the “Humps” in question are bum cheeks

What, seriously?

  • Yes, humps in this context are in reference to bum cheeks
  • No, in this context and many others, humps are in reference to breasts

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Why would she call them “lovely little lumps” then?

I believe the “humps” to be bumcheeks but the “lovely lady lumps” are the breasts

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Wait, “lovely little lumps”!?


Do people really feed sugar lumps to horses?


check it out


Would it be funny if Sir Alan Sugar did it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not really
  • Depends

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  • Feed a horse a sugar “lump”
  • Feed a horse a sugar “cube”
  • Feed a horse something else (please specify)
  • Allow the vile beast to go hungry

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If the humps were breasts then the lady would be redundant.

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A horse bit me once when I was a child

I’d make it a full English in the slow cooker.

I believe “a horse bit me as a child” or “a horse bit someone I was with/near when I was a child” is an anecdote with upwards of 95% universality levels.


She says ‘in the back and in the front’ so humps refers to both her bum and breasts, thanks

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Yeah mousem, you ain’t special, pal!

Hump my lovely lady lumps

That’s just reminded me, Will I Am says “mix your milk with my Coco Puffs, milky, milky coco, mix your milk with my Coco Puffs, milky, milky right” in that song and I don’t think I’ve had Coco Pops for about 5 years now. Are they the same thing?

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The junk in the trunk is the arse, isn’t it?