Onside Midweek Football Thread

Only just switched on… Has it been a recovery or has it been Liverpool naively playing a high line and getting their pants pulled down old school like City?

Shakespeare has promised the players pie and chips after a win in lieu of pizza.

Both tbh

Enjoyed the modern vigil for Ranieri there


Ndidi is doing a passable Kante impersonation and Vardy is actually hitting some of his shots on target. Liverpool are indeed playing a stupidly high line with duff defenders though.

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Klopp’ll get sacked soon

shall I substitute thee for demarai gray


This has properly done me.

The worm has turned

two three or not two three that is the question


Can’t see past Liverpool for 6th now.

Jamie the Bardy

or something


Ffs Liverpool. I was hoping Leicester would be dragged into it.

But at least we’ve got Liverpools best defender.

literally thought it was impossible that a team could beat liverpool 3-1 and that would make me hate them even more but leicester have managed it , fucking rapist racists


chatteth shit, thou wilt get banged.

i think you hate leicester more than i do, that’s quite impressive

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i’ve hated them for years, even when they had martin o’neill and muzzy izzet they were a #bunchoftwats

that worthington cup final with allan neilsen and robbie savage i think started it, 1999?

Justin edinburgh punched robbie savage :blush:

Then he walked down the tunnel and tried to do that blow the nostril thing and had a massive bogey hanging down. What a cup final that was!

Liverpool will still beat us by over 2 goals on the weekend, I wouldn’t worry about them.

Jealous of people when their voices goes like Chappers here