Oodies - "Oversized Hoodies"

My neice got one (she’s bought in summer to get discounts apparently) which is how I know about them. $99!!!

She has the Garlic Bread Oodie

I’m not going to lie, I quite want one even though they are clearly utterly ridiculous. It is very soft and fluffy.

You too could look like this:

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I can see a reason


It’s just a cloak

This is going to be like my friend and his big hat all over again isn’t it?




Cloaks open at the front

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Oh wow!

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Think I laughed for20 minutes the first time I saw it

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I can’t even really understand what his ‘dream’ was? To get sunburned legs while sleeping on the beach uncomfortably?

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what was that thing from 30 Rock? a slanket? this is just that isn’t it

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It looks like one but it doesn’t open at the front so it’s got maximum coverage. If it’s just another wearable blanket for ridiculous levels of comfort indoors that’s fine but if this is meant to be worn in public I will be silently judging anyone wearing one. I might even do a small, barely perceptible shake of the head whenever I spot one out in the wild. I just hope anyone buying one can live with that.

Unfortunately they would probably look like a normal hoodie on me.

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This is Billie Eilish’s doing


Yeah, I’d have to wear a tent or something to get the same effect.

Is that a muu-muu?

Yeah was gonna say she wears one in a vid or promo of hers

Baggy hoodies and t-shirts are a big part of her “look”

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Does she wear an Oodie though or just a big hoodie?

i saw a lot of stuff on twitter yesterday congratulating her on her grammy’s outfit and how it doesn’t pander to traditional female celebrity stereotypes etc., and fair enough, but it will never not be funny to me to see a very famous person dressed like they bought all their clothes from Woking market c. 2001

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My mate’s dad runs the stall that does all the oversize clothes at the weekend.

did he do it in 2001? because i definitely bought a Green Day hoody off him if so.