“Ooh I dunno. He’s cute but his legs are really brittle”

When I was in year 10 I asked my friend Carly to ask her friend Kirsty out for me on my behalf and that was her reply. Well, look at the legs she could’ve ended up with…


Show us your legs
Before and after pictures

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Before I had them?




Classic Kirsty

I’m the opposite, my legs are cute but I’m really brittle.


How brittle would you say your legs are on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being not at all brittle and 5 being currently shattered into small fragments)?

Can you make a poll?

I can, yes.

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That wasn’t Kirsty’s reply, Carly just made that up because Carly was in love with you.

How could you not see it when it was right in front of your eyes?

  • The least brittle thing you can imagine
  • Not very brittle
  • Averagely brittle
  • A little brittle
  • Smithereens

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We actually went out for three weeks in year 11. Then she got with my friend Andrew and had a kid with him by the end of the year (as in conceived, not gave birth)

Had to Google what age year 11 is in England, but that seems okay.

Didn’t suggest it wasn’t. Just setting the scene brah

Oh yeah, sorry, misunderstanding - it’s just that when I hear year 10/11 I think it means 10/11 year olds, so I had to Google to correct myself.

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You do a lot of leg workouts in the summer between year 10 and 11?

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I’m brittle, my legs are opposite but i’m really cute

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@sadpunk i like your new picture

I’m legs, my cute is brittle but I’m really opposite.

Thanks - it was to scare Ant yesterday but I think I might keep it.