"Ooh I must remember to"

Got anything you “must remember to”?

This ISN’T a thread for anything you “mustn’t forget to” so don’t even think about posting any of those.

I “must remember to” pick up some shower gel on my way home from work.

Loads of things. And I often don’t remember to, hence things being on the list forever.

You ever tried the “reminder” function on your cellphone?


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Always forget to.


Do you call your phone a “handy”? I like that

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have to remember not to forget to take my phone charger home

have you ever tried the handy function on your cellphone?

It’s easier to remember to not do something than it is to remember to do something

I “must remember to” post those tickets to my brother when I get back from work.

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Presumably this is an electronic post of some electronic tickets?

It is not! Actual physical tickets from an actual ticket box office with a printer and cardboard and stuff.

That’s weird

Any room for a ‘must remember that’?

I must remember that a Tesco delivery is coming to me between 9pm and 10pm tonight.

No. That would need it’s own thread please. You can “must remember to” be in for the Tesco delivery tonight if you want though?

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Get more soy milk. Porridge has a weird texture when you make it with milk.

Big fan of carrying letters I need to post in my bag to central London and back for a few days before I remember to post them.

Buy some washing up liquid, toilet paper and toothpaste. The big three.

Keep on keepin’ on/

You have the choice to use one of these items for all of the traditional uses for them, do you:

  • Wash my dishes, teeth and arse with washing-up liquid
  • Wash my dishes, teeth and arse with toilet paper
  • Wash my dishes, teeth and arse with toothpaste

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