"Ooh I must remember to"

It’s for something in Peterborough, which I think might explain it.

Do you know that when I used to work in AMF Bowling - Ashford occasionally the manager of AMF Bowling - Peterborough would come to cover shifts and that I fancied her a bit?

A fantastic question. I’m really struggling to think of the best option here. Brushing teeth with toilet paper would be horrible. Such a bad texture!

I think I’d go for washing-up liquid as my choice as it would effectively clean the arse and teeth to an extent and also you could use mouthwash after brushing your teeth with washing up liquid whereas there isn’t a secondary product for cleaning the dishes.


I’ve answered but I’m not sure it’s the best. Imagine I would get used to the taste, whereas toothpaste would almost certainly really sting the old Mineshaft every single time

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I’m thankful we live in a world with tailor-made products for those three functions.

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I’m going to be in regardless but I must remember to be ready.

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Yes, I did know that! But thanks for reminding me.

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I am too. The alternative is quite upsetting.

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It’s what the Germans call it so of course.

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Is there any element of the German lifestyle that you find unappealing?

not mess up my entire future


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My mother’s taste in men

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Should stick with Germans

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I keep a note on my phone of all the things I need to remember. Currently it reads

Mattiel @ Patterns 16/11
BSP @ Patterns 12/10
Birthday Present for Mum
Colourstream collect photos
Resident Aphex 12" and Lee Hazelwood Woodchucks LP

I must remember to buy an automatic weapon and kill all my enemies.

Don’t do that

…take a backpack into work tomorrow to bring stuff home for washing!

I just got a backpack out ready!

Thanks for the excellently helpful post, Tonetone. You are a Toptone. :+1:

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He calls it ‘ein handy’.