"Ooh I must remember to"

I heard that too

Bitte ein Handy

I probably won’t. I just wish karma was real. In the meantime, I’m culling Facebook, and I mean culling. And being an even more miserable bastard than I am already.

Yesterday the lady in Costa forgot to charge me and was very insistent that she had charged me when I told her she hadn’t. I pressed the point until she checked and said “oh no, whoops I hadn’t charged you after all” and then after I paid she said “something good will happen to you today” and then nothing good happened to me.

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I must remember to pay the sandwich person at work £2.20, as she kindly allowed me it for free when I didn’t have any cash on me.

Get travel insurance. Thanks for reminding me

the good thing that happened to you was Hesus being proud of your honesty.

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I had to buy two things at lunchtime, on instruction. As I was leaving the office I decided to write it down. When walking into the shop I thought of the items, pictured where I had to go in the shop.

I bought three of one item and totally forgot the other.

Three spoons, no knife?

What a shitter.

I “must remember to” nip to Boots on my way home from work


No thanks, I’m trying to cut down.

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This whole subthread has given me the giggles.

Just imagining the toothpaste crew wandering around with strange aroma of shit and mint…

Is it for £3.14?