Ooh it's Thursday

Morning! Whatcha got planned?

I’m hosting a work q and a with someone who looks after preventing cw suicide later on, which should be enlightening and hopefully beneficial.

Have excellent days x

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It’s Thursday. It’s Abba day. All very exciting.


It’s :smirk: Thursday :smirk: so you know what that means:

doing as little work as possible then playing computer games until bed time



Just out for a walk with a coffee. Definitely autumn isn’t it :’(

It’s my Friday - off to Wide Awake tomorrow

  • Me too!

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Got quite a long work todo list today (and have had all week tbf), so looking forward to clearing the rest of that as fast as possible so that Friday can be a bit more of a learning/skills day

Tonight I see an old pal coz she’s been going through some shite and needs a wine/whine

Off to the caravan, lovely weather for it :woozy_face:


Still not feeling good about things, but I’ve dragged myself into work. Silly brain


I’m spending the afternoon on a flamingo shaped pedalo, with a slide attached, on a lake near the Medway towns.


Meeting after meeting after meeting today. There’s one from 11.30-1.30, so I guess I’m having a late lunch today

Morning all :wave:

Mrs CCB is on an inset day today so I’ve got the cheeksters. Got to WFH this afternoon but we’re going to go blackberrying this morning so that’ll be nice.

Congratulations on winning the selfie thread tomorrow.


Hi guys

Just in the gym. Back for coffee soon

Have a great day folks x

Morning all!

The Child is back at nursery so I only need to catch up about six hours of work before 1.30 today. I’ll obviously not be doing all of that this morning so I’ll be meeting some old colleagues for coffee at the end of the morning.

  • :cry:
  • : )

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I’ve not ventured into one of those threads in a while. This could mark my return.

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Up at 6:45. Got little one breakfasted and dropped at school 7:30. Wfh. House to myself. Determined start. Gonna crack on with this final work report. No more procrastination. No more distractions….

Hi :wave:t2:

Might start a thread about sex and having babies in space after having read this

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First band practice in nearly two years today. Can’t wait.

Good to get out of the house and away from my GF’s awful cousin who is staying with us. She was all fairly tolerable until she started taking the piss out of Irish accents multiple times in one day. I left the house at one point. If it was my own house I would have thrown her out but seeing as we’re living with my GF’s parents we can’t do anything.


Always knew you were a good egg. Happy anniversary :partying_face: :heart:

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Happy ABBA day everyone.

Ooh it was nippy this morning, had to put the heating on. Got a lot to do today coz i’m WFH tomorrow and will be treated like i’m bunking off. Dropped my phone in the shower again, think it’s finally time for a new one.

Something about coffee.

At first glance I thought that your partner had adapted a plant pot as a giant coffee mug.