Oooh it's nearly lunchtime! Sunday Dinner Thread 15-09-2019

What’s on the menu today, pals?

I have 3+ hours of train journey and waiting at train stations ahead of me so I don’t think I’ll be upto spending much time in the kitchen when I finally get home. Can’t order a curry as we had one just a few weeks ago.
Just eating dark chocolate digestives atm.

What’s your favourite white carb?

  • Potato
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Bread

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Gonna make lemon pepper wings tonight.


Currently got a cheese and broccoli Pasta ‘n’ Sauce pot (with added sriracha), ready salted crisps and a Mars for lunch. Roast chicken later.

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Burrito leftovers for lunch, possibly nothing for tea :thinking:

Going to a pub that has an entirely separate menu for their pies.


How is this possible?

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We usually cook up a massive pot of beans and then have lowkey rice/bean burritos for lunches and whatnot in the week


Had some 30% less sugar Haribo and they were pretty tasty!

Cod and salad

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Bought fancy brioche buns to go with some LindMac mozzarella burgers. Going to do them right up with sliced onion, tomato and extra cheese. Think I’ve got a jar of gherkins at the back of a cupboard too.
Side salad of grated carrot, sweetcorn, cucumber. Mmmm


I fully approve.

Can you leave the cucumber out of mine, please. Will be round shortly.

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Sat in the wrong seat, right next to thw correct seat, so help me, if these people getting on at Oxford have booked our seat, that gnome’s decision to sit incorrectly will be heavily criticised.

How do i spend so much time in wrong threads?

Chana masala and dosai for us today :yum:


I pitched macaroni cheese for dinner. Awaiting the decision on if my suggestion will be approved or not. Tense times.

Wishing you all the very best of luck! Mac and cheese is an excellent suggestion.


Fajitas for dinner tonight. Can’t bloody wait!

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Morrissons Spanish hake stew tray reduced from £5 to £1.25. I bought 2.

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Chucked a fish pie in the oven for before I go to work.

Got a cereal bar, a narna, a bag of crips and some fruit for sustenance through the night.

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