Oooh it's nearly lunchtime! Sunday Dinner Thread 15-09-2019

Love Mozzers

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No luck, we are having a very un-Sunday using up stuff from the freezer dinner.

Mac and cheese may be on the menu tomorrow though :crossed_fingers:

We go to the freezer on Sundays too but there’s good stuff in there.
Pics please

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We have a fairly strict no phones at the table policy, will see if I can sneak a shot.

That’s a good policy! Surely photos are an exception tho…

  • Chippy chips
  • Make up some rice to go with the paneer curry I got from the market earlier
  • Cook something, keep the cuzza for tomorrow

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Come on friends, this thread needs more action. Tell me what you are eating!

Currently R is chopping the carrots which accompany our Quorn roast, roast potatoes, stuffing, beetroot, Yorkshire’s and possibly peas.

Pics at approximately 6.20

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Forgot I had some garlic & coriander naans in. Going to just plow those into the curry, then into my gob


Brilliant idea! Enjoy

Roast beetroot? I’ve never had beetroot with a roast.

Shroomdogs, roast potatoes and carrots, broccoli and cabbage.
Also got some spare onions so going to make a fancy gravy rather than just cbaing and bistoing

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Proper gravy is worth the effort imho.

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Well it needed cooking so thought it would be fine.

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I made a traybake which seemed great in theory but turned out horrible, dry and tasteless :sob:

I hate cooking

Oh no! What was in it?

It was chicken breast with sweet potato, parsnip, aubergine and carrot, and I made a marinade/rub with rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic oil and maple syrup

Was looking forward to it all week! So let down :broken_heart:

Did you throw at least 6 whole garlic cloves in that?

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That all sounds great! Not a big aubergine fan but if I was I’d smash that. Not enough oil maybe?

Currently trying to stick to a low fodmap diet at the mo to help my IBS, i can’t have dairy, gluten, beans, onion or garlic :weary:

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