Ooooh new dirty projectors then?



Awesome, both their last two albums are stone cold classics in my opinion. My wife walked down the aisle to a friend playing a cover of Impregnable Question.


Hate these kind of trailers. OMG SOMETHING

Just give us the lead single and be done with it.



Well timed for me tho… as I’ve been on a Dirty Projectors kick of late


yup same


Yeeeerrrrrssss time to relisten to a bunch of DP (although it’s getting a bit wintry for all that ‘angular’ guitar & yelping)


More to annoy you here:


Get on with it!




saying that I’ve just been hammering the last two albums… only started listening to the back catalogue this week. I had no idea the DP’s had so many albums


I never got round to swing lo magellen or whatever it was called. worth bothering with?




yup, at first i thought it was a bit safe but it grew on me loads, really good record


Loved their most recent two plus the EP with Bjork and ‘Rise above’ - which I picked up on vinyl, purely because of the artwork.

Never explored beyond that. Haven’t a few of them had side projects?


Former member Angel Deradoorian had a good solo album last year


Ah cool, will check it out. Cheers!


Came here to say this.


To be honest, besides a couple of tracks, I found it a little dull and a bit disappointing. Particularly after how much I loved the previous album.

hides behind sofa


New song: