Ooooh new dirty projectors then?

I like all the songs they’ve put out but I dont quite get how 5 EPs of nice 2 min vignettes is gonna work. Will very gladly be proved wrong tho.

The most pissed I’ve ever been at a gig was dirty projectors at the scala. That’s all I have to add here really, can’t remember the show at all.

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next EP

preorders up for 5EPs it looks like

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Lose Your Love is amazing, just listening to it now

I love the Felicia EP, it’s amazing.

“Holy Mackerel” is really nice but I wish Dave hadn’t double-tracked his vocals if he wanted to get that real Joao sound

Ooh glad it’s getting some affordable physical releases! Remember seeing a ridiculous 5 LP boxset for preorder a while ago and worried that would be it physical-wise. I’ll deffo buy this now.


This is all really good. Some of my favourite stuff of theirs in a long time.

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Yep guess it’s a 5xLP or 2xLP

So the 5 EPs come as a double vinyl? Confusing

Had the Flight Tower EP in constant rotation since release so not sure how I feel about this! It’s funky though

got a bit bored of these constant releases now, gonna just wait for the full thing i think

Well you won’t have to wait too long :wink:

Have high hopes for Ring Road as the last two EPs didn’t grab me as much

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This is some of my favorite music from them in years, but the EP after EP format is annoying… I hope they make a best-of compilation at the end

There is one coming, I think it’s available on their Bandcamp page