Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


Anyone else think this sounds quite a bit like James Blake?


not very good, is it.


I like this! Obviously leans heavily on that James Blake school of R&B but retains a recognisably Dirty Projectors sound at the same time, rather than a straight out homage. Really good first track and more interesting than a lot of the stuff on The Colour in Anything.


Quite like it on first go. Sounds like he’s borrowed from Of Montreal with the nearly but not quite rapping bit. I like the repurposing of the Impregnable Question hook. Would be a bit much if the whole album was like this but I imagine it will be a skewed pop song on an album of skewed pop songs.

Still not as good as Gun Has No Trigger though


Not crazy about that tbh


I think it’s amazing. Obviously the production is very ‘now’ but parts of it are fucking heartbreaking. And the weird rap bit? Mental.


I hate the weird rap bit but really like the rest of it. Please no more weird rap bits.


noticed on youtube there’s a speed/pitch corrected version of it, not sure i want to listen to it though


listened to swing lo magellan on my way to work this morning, great record tbh.


I totally agree. Rap bit is awful but the rest is a beaut


Guess from the subject matter of the track that Amber is no longer in the band. Wonder who was involved in this record.


I wondered about that too - would be a shame if she has gone. But the new song is pretty much the antithesis of Impregnable Question (apparently re-used but not quite picking that up?) so pretty telling. Who’ll replace her when they tour? She’s kind of a key part of their more recent stuff.


What I want from art is truth, what you want is fame
Now we’ll keep 'em separate and you keep your name

Sounds pretty damning




Ouch. Not amicable then.


Nope. Whole song is incredibly bitter and hurt when you dig into the lyrics a bit. “I don’t think I ever loved you, that was just some stupid shit” is a pretty deep cut too.


Just listened to Impregnable Question/Keep Your Name back-to-back - really interesting, the contrast is insane.


:DDD that’s one of the cringiest lyrics ive ever read. is he on a break in his a-level eng lit studies?


ok i caved


Yeah they’re pretty bad, though as a rule, 99% of lyrics look horrendous written down and it’s the sentiment and context which I found interesting about them.