Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


listening to swing lo magellan now, despite the mixed reviews in this thread (2 out of 3 people say it’s good)

I will not be liveblogging the experience
(it seems alright so far)


I really like the new song.

I thought I didn’t, but I’ve had it in my head ever since and keep wanting to listen to it.

The rap bit is still a bit cringey though.

Swing Lo Magellan is also one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years or so.


I think I quite like this? feels like it will compliment the new Bon Iver very nicely, actually.


a lot more engagingly bitter and strange in its sadness than it initially seemed. like, not dull and self-satisfied like the initial James Blake feel, not so torchy adult contemporary as that voice and piano suggested.


tyondai braxton is on this one, which is exciting though


I now absolutely completely dig everything about this


Amber Coffman announces solo album:


Hope both albums are out on the same day


That new track totally has Dave Longstreth on backing vocals, I’m sure of it


Apparently on iTunes Dave Longstreth is credited as a writer, producer and vocals…


More cryptic stuff to annoy everyone


Was just about to post this!

Is there still no release date…?


do not want to live in a little bubble like all the plebs who own ipads boohoo


Another new song


hmm not bad, not great


It’s alright. Is the whole album going to be this mopey…?


I’m sold, album’s gonna be great. I hope he compliments this vibe with a wild guitar shredding payoff in the penultimate track.


Proper info about the release on Pitchfork just now - album’s out February 10th (less than a month!)
and a new song ‘Up in Hudson’ too - not 100% sure about it, some nice horns though


Outro’s sick too