Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


Release date has been nudged back to 24th February now


damnit. think i’m gonna stop listening to these songs and just wait for the album, don’t seem to be doing much for me by themselves.



New track feat the always magnificent D∆WN


Whens the album out ffs. Hate knowing this many songs before hearing the album


24th Feb - it’s only nine songs isn’t it, so that’s a third of the album already out there!


ffs longstreth!!


Wait, I tell a lie, it’s almost half the album, they’ve put out four songs already


think i’ve only listened to two of them, and even then only really gave cursory listens. feel like they’ll make more sense as an album so will wait.


Dave, if you’re a big Kanye fan maybe take a leaf out of TLoP phase and keep working on songs even after their release. Namely just go to your recording of ‘Keep Your Name,’ separate the stupid rap bit from the middle, delete it, then glue the rest of a very good track back together. Voila

You can add me as a co-writer if you feel it’s necessary





ooh stillness is the move callback, don’t know about that m8


kanye :smiley: ffs


It’s on Spotify etc now as well


so much autotune


I shouldn’t be reading your live review - it sounds awful…


just finished it. it’s a weird one. definitely sounds like he chopped up a lot of bits of their other songs and frankensteined them into new ones. couldn’t really tell where one song ended and the next began half the time. hard to take too much away from the first listen but reckon it’s good.

last song sounds like procol harum


Dirty Projectors do auto-tuned R&B?


listening to this now. it’s pretty … odd. few tracks I’ve thought were great so far but most I’m not convinced work 100% per cent. but yeah, I think it’ll take a bit of getting used to