Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


Their albums pretty much always feel like that on first listen to me


h8 to be that guy but this is literally better than the album version

pointless pitchshifting it tbh


Gonna go out on a limb here and say I think it’s pretty good. Tracks 4 and 6 are potential pitfalls, but it’s about a 50/50 split between me thinking they’re good or shit. Really like Death Spiral


I just can’t get on with R&B and auto tune. Find it really offputting. There are always exceptions, but a cursory listen to this is kind of rubbing me up the wrong way.


Aye death spiral is definitely an early fave. That bass synth is great.


Big fan of this already I think. A couple of songs passed me by but hopefully they’re growers. Death Spiral sounds like a Timbaland-produced Justin Timberlake track, but more batshit. Little Bubble is gorgeous.


Getting quite irked at how many reviews I’ve seen which are saying this is a continuation of Swing Lo Magellan’s “r&b” sound…half of that record sounded like John Wesley Harding ffs.


First listen, Death Spiral and Up In Hudson are both great, love the solo at the end of the latter


Weird to focus on that particular album as having an “r&b” sound, given that that element was far more pronounced on ‘Bitte Orca’.


Really into it after a few listens - Work Together is probably the only track I’m not that keen on. Do you think he’s likely to tour it?


Well this album has had me pretty taken aback to be honest. Didn’t get Keep Your Name at all when it first emerged (perhaps not entirely aware of the context) but from the first time of putting it on this time round, oh my. The use of the sample is genius. Loving the whole thing, nothing will come close to Bitte Orca but as a band re-brand i’m pleasantly surprised. That line on the final track “it’s time to see the projection is fading away”, jeez…


This takes a few spins to truly get your head around, but it’s worth sticking with. Can’t see them touring it at all to be honest, seems like a really good palette-cleanser for whatever comes next.


Yeah, I wasn’t too sure first time through, but it’s growing on me. I’m beginning to appreciate some of the bits I’d been maybe more dismissive of before – I prefer Longstreth’s assertion (or I think I saw this somewhere?) of being an album of impressionistic vignettes about the impact of the relationship / breakup on the band than being a “breakup album”. It’s a minor difference, I guess, but y’know.

Really finding myself liking “Work Together” today.


Idk i reckon theyll have to tour it to some degree. Will have to be pared down versions and probably more old material than new but… theyll have to do something.


Just read this from swing lo magellan era :smiley:


So they’re playing Pitchfork Festival in the States. Hopefully this will mean some sort of tour?


Performed live on the tonight show last night, looks amazing! Hopefully bring something like this to the UK.


The fuck is he doing with that mic stand during The second verse? I know we’re in a post-Future Islands on Letterman world but c’mon


Ha, reckon he’s just been watching Stop Making Sense a bit much tbh


What do people think of the Amber Coffman singles? I’ve been enjoying them a fair bit…

No Coffee

All To Myself