Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


They’re pretty good. It’s a shame things ended so acrimoniously between her and Longstreth (he does sound rather insufferable, as much as I like Dirty Projectors)


this is largely the roots isn’t it? based on that it doesn’t seem like he has much of a band together!


they’re nice enough but pretty MOR


Is it all The Roots? I thought the percussion guys at the side were part of his band? Ack well


Cringed all the way through.


Yep so I reckon I am on my own thinking it was good, how do you delete a post? (tbf I wasn’t talking about his dancing)


No dw I think the video as a whole is good, and I love the album. Just have no idea what he’s up to with the mic stand


I loved it. Dont delete it you wally!



Oh cool, will check this out later!

Also saw this the other day and thought it might be of interested to anyone that liked Bitte Orca:


Uk dates, and looks like a new line up? Reviews from the few US shows they did last year were pretty poor but I hope this is better.


Ooooh, nice. Pretty pleased with village underground!


But of a cop out, this. Should be on a battered Casio synth and talking through a vocoder.


Saw them on last year’s Pitchfork Festival stream, it was a mess


Miiiight go. But last time I saw them was after Bitte Orca at End of the Road and that was pretty perfect.


Looks like there might be new music coming too


ah fuck, a new record or an EP or something already would be amazing


anyone going to the shows? slightly balking at the £30 ticket price.


Was tempted, but it’s a lot of money really to see them.

Saw them touring Bitte Orca and also The Gettysburg Address at the Barbican years ago and both gigs were circa 15-20 sniffs and I didn’t really dig the last album so might bin it off.


That being said, will wait to hear potential new stuff as my mind may well change in due course! The Leeds show could be tempting…