Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


Reckon i wouldnt bother if it was business as usual but v intrigued by new lineup and songs.


vaguely considering it. at the moment don’t think I’m willing to pay £30 though


Very interested to hear new songs. The last album didn’t really gel with me so much (I flit between being entertained and annoyed by the absurd amounts of personal detail and bitterness on show)


That Getty Address show was absolutely fantastic


can’t see the point without Amber being involved.

yeah I know it’s his band and they were around for ages before she joined, but their best stuff is clearly Rise Above through to Swing Lo (last one was rubbish).



‘what is the time’ is such a longstreth song title



Damnnnn Break-Thru is seriously catchy!


Quite nice, but not quite the glorious return to form I was hoping for after the teaser.

All those guests sound good, although it says Haim are featured but then don’t seem to be on any of the tracks?


sounds like dave doing a remix for vampire weekend

it’s great tho, video is inspired


Liking the new song


Oh this is good! I was sort of expecting something shit. Not sure why, since I quite liked the last album…


alright, i’m in love with this. dave is back, guys.


feel like my enjoyment of this new song will be pretty context dependent. can equally see it being on a great or terrible album. it’s pretty fun and silly, and more in the spirit of dirty projectors than the last record which could have been released as a Longstreth solo album


weren’t some members of vampire weekend in dirty projectors at some point?



Back to Bitte Orca style and who can blame him? knotty and hooky and great


This is the most i’ve enjoyed a DP album since Bitte Orca.


anyone got any hot takes on Lamp Lit Prose then?

I’ve listened to it twice and found it quite enjoyable, but it seems a bit safe to me.