Ooooh new dirty projectors then?


it’s fine


that’s not quite as controversial an opinion as I was hoping for


But in other, more accurate ways, it is controversial


I think it’s pretty joyful. Zombie Conquerer is great. Looking forward to when I know all the songs well enough that I can yowl along in the car




hadn’t even understood that was what he was blurting out. Enjoying the weird double Dave panning too much. There we go, already another bit I can sing along to


What Is The Time is also totally amazing. Love it when he leans into the rnb


Zombie Conqurer is awesome right enough. THAT RIFF


Last album was better

But Breakthrough is a tune


On first listen, I find that it’s kind of somewhere between Dirty Projectors (overt R&B’ness) and Bitte Orca / Swing Lo (yer skittery guitars and that).

I think ‘That’s A Lifestyle’ is still my highlight for the moment, but I think more listens will reveeeeaaalll


If anyone in Glasgow is interested their gig in a couple of weeks has been moved to King Tuts (was at the art school previously). Seems small for them, but should be good!


Still can’t decide whether to go to one of the Village Underground shows. It’s working out at pretty much £35 for a ticket, which is pretty steep. I’m really enjoying the new album and feel like I’ll regret it if I don’t go, but I saw this performance the other day and… well… it’s not very good.

Can anyone vouch for the quality? Maybe outside of a radio studio they can do it justice.


Really surprised that this seems to be touted as a return to form after the self-titled. Beyond the first 4 tracks it’s patchy as hell. Whilst the self-titled has flaws, and this has a more traditional Dirty Projectors sound and a couple of bangers, I’d say that the former is a much better album overall.

Then again I think most people would argue that I’m a bad Dirty Projectors fan. Would genuinely rank the albums I’ve heard as Swing Lo… > Self-Titled > Bitte Orca > Lamp-Lit Prose


There’s a genuinely great album spread across the two I think.

Keep Your Name
Up in Hudson
Little Bubble
I See You
Right Now
It’s a Lifestyle
Zombie Conquerer
I Found It In U
What Is The Time
I Wanna Feel It All

Not necessarily in that order…


They were excellent at HAVEN yesterday right enough


i’ll see them playing in berlin this tuesday with felicia douglass singing.
looking forward to it


Seeing them in Leeds tonight. Anyone seen them on this tour yet?


Yeah, saw them in Glasgow yesterday - you’re in for a treat!


Awesome :slight_smile: who was the support for you?


Westerman, but I missed them. My friend said they sounded like Phil Collins :man_shrugging: