Ooooh new dirty projectors then?

I saw them in Glasgow and I thought the newer stuff sounded a bit weak, especially I Feel Energy, but when they played older tracks everything seemed to click.

Ah cool, glad it wasn’t just me then.

Really enjoyed these last night. Agree with others that the new songs were patchy - Break Thru, despite being a pretty solid indie pop hit, was all a bit barmy… but thought That’s a Lifestyle and What is the Time were nice. Also enjoy the S/T was happy to hear those. When the older stuff hit, oh boy. So so great to hear Swing Lo Magellan and No Intention!

Also Keep Your Name into Impregnable Question = HUGE. Was thinking at the end of the KYN that it’d be cool to go straight in the other, so put a massive grin on my face. Great that the latter isn’t too personal to perform as I thought it might be given the context.

They were so great at Green Man, one of my highlights. Particular thrills were the Swing Lo Magellan stuff and Beautiful Mother off that Bjork collab EP. Also I’m fully in love with the new album so that was working for me. It’s fun to attempt and fail to sing the chorus of That’s a Lifestyle

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new live album

It’s really great! Big fan of these versions.

Amazing how shite FourFive Seconds was given the talent involved

I like it

Think I prefer Closed on Sunday, mate

Really into the new one. What a stunning song

Oh hell yes, very ready for some new DP

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That said, bit slight innit

Might be a contender for

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woo. wow, it’s short.