Just had some roule and chargrilled peppers on crackerbreads, and a bottle of perry.

Catty retorts below, children…

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just had some marmite on toast and a can of red stripe :+1:


Switch the crackerbread out for a warm bloomer and I’m on board

Also, we talking boursin or what?

You gotta roule with it

so close, but fucked it with the crackerbreads.

What kind of crackerbread? I’m big into Finn Crisp

(For the record I had some leftover daal from Chapati Cafe)

Love a bit of Roule on them Krisproll things you get. Or any other cracker type feature.

(Or just straight from the pack.)


I like the gluten-free ones, Schär i think. Thinner than the standard supermarket ones.

(I used to eat them by the packet, just slap Lurpak on and eat about thirty. Dark dark days).