Just cooked some smoked bacon lardons on a slow heat, added some garlic, chucked on a tin of chopped tommys, a tin of drained chick peas, some lime and chilli seasoning, a few shrooms, a bit of basil, squeezed a lemon over it at the end, mixed with a bit of golden rice, oh man, don’t all touch me at once.


just had a chipolata sandwich. aint too late.

I’ve just been through a bag of mini cheddars, a saltfish patty and a pack of spicy chicken chunks.

I am in the 8th hour of a 12-hour night shift though…

Just ate a not insignificant amount of general tso’s chicken

Ole boys msg is in my blood and soul

I just woke up and had a bit of water

Straight to my thighs


Was half expecting a punchline of “and it tastes shit”