Ooops (rolling thread for when you just broke something)

Used this glass storage jar to heat up some leftover beans in the science oven . Then I filled it with water to soak


i brought a bowl to work a few weeks back. forgot all about it. of course, last week a threw my bag into the back of the car and SMAAAASSSSHHHH.


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I have a team of people at home who do all my smashing for me.


Think we’ve got the format locked in now!

Ignore that @balonz has fucked it



Redknapp, etc

I remember once I was playing football with some friends and I fucked something up and I went “oops” and the person who I liked least in this group of friends and didn’t seem to like me much said

“They’re ain’t no “oops” in football”

Always seemed odd to me

  • They’re ain’t no oops in football
  • The use of oops is fine in football
  • Both the same answer if you think about it

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Was he northern? Might have thought you were saying hoops.

He wasn’t and he still is not to the best of my knowledge