Open air swimming

Im going to start doing this soon. It’s an Unheated outdoor pool.
Any tips? Do I need a wetsuit and stuff?

Happy for this to be moved to sports - but I’m not really a sports guy so I’m not paying in there


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I go swimming in all sorts. Never owned a wetsuit.

I worked in an unheated pool, I’d advise against a wetsuit largely because the thrill of those places is getting so cold you’re unable to drive for half an hour and being blue for days after


Can’t think of anything worse


It’s a monumental effort for me to to get out of the shower and into the relative cold of my bathroom, never mind this.


Is Bertie there often?


jeans and a t-shirt?


I really like swimming and I really like being outside
I do not like being cold tho so…

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I can’t advise on open air swimming but I’ve recently started paddleboarding and have a wetsuit for that. I think the wet suit I have is quite thick (5mm?) and it’s almost too hot for a warm spring day when I’m mostly out of the water but is probably necessary when the water’s freezing in the winter. I will need to buy a thinner one for the summer I reckon.

You might end up needing multiple wetsuits if you go down that route basically.

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If it’s just a pool you’ll be reet. If you’re going in lakes and stuff, I’d argue that swimming shoes are more important than a wetsuit because of all the rocks and shit, which seem to hurt a lot more when you’re walking on them and your feet are cold due to the water.

last time I went wild swimming I just went in a footie shirt and shorts. If you have knackers, getting those submerged is the hardest part in my experience. Reckon it’s definitely best to just dive in, once you get moving you just sort of heat up.


Completely agree, a pair of shoes will be more useful


If you’re going to the Pells @chris-budget then you’re a braver man than me. I’ve only been in once, in the height of summer, and even then it was freezing. Weirdly, colder than the sea.

Saltdean Lido is ace though (and heated)

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That’s quite useful actually as I quite fancy getting into the old paddle boarding as well :+1:

Everyone is different. I don’t wear a wetsuit if it’s warmer than 10 degrees, and I wouldn’t wear shoes unless it was a rocky lake. Getting into a cold lake is something that your body might need to get used to. It can be very easy to panic if you can’t touch or see the bottom.

As it’s a lido, you’ll be able to touch the bottom, which will help. Give it a go and if you find it too cold to swim in, then consider a wetsuit, but the water is probably warm enough from now until September time to not need one.

If you do get a wetsuit, make sure that you get a swimming one - they’re very different to surfing and Paddle boarding ones.


I am an exceptionally brave person

So ruddy bloody brave

I am planning on going to pells :cold_face::+1:

Don’t do this unless you’ve got your body used to the cold water on previous visits. Ease yourself in slowly. If you jump in, then there is a (very small) risk of triggering a heart attack.


I am regretting this already :grinning:

Didn’t realise that, fair shout. Reckon getting to testicle level also bears a similar level of risk. Breathtaking.

Oh, one other thing to remember:

You may have to book in advance, so there’s no guarantee that it’ll be sunny and warm when you do it. Make sure you take a thick towel and can get yourself warm and dry quickly afterwards. A warm (but not hot) drink or snack will help.

Trying to get dry when it’s breezy and chilly can chill you right to the bone and leave you feeling rough for the rest of the day.


Yep and cold water shock

This site has good advice usually

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