Open House Weekend



Are any of you doing anything?

Finally we have London thread on the new boards.


Don’t see the point, I already live in a house.


Usually I’m all over it, but this year I haven’t really investigated what’s going on. Maybe visit something on Saturday, as long as there are no queues.


I’m hoping to see the house of someone who lives alone. I bet it’s as amazing as I expect it to be.


Going to finally try and get into this baby:

Queues permitting.


I went to:

-Gherkin (denied, even with volunteers passes)
-The garden roof next door (denied)
-Synagogue, had to wear a skull cap
-Secret Masonic Temple, pretty good, got bored because the free mason wasn’t cartoon enough.
-Roman baths
-Custom house

It was alright and not like I had anything better to do.