Open relationships - what's your take on them?

One of my best friends is in one. I have friends who have been in previous relationships that were open.

I know how I feel about open relationships, but how do you feel about them?

Not for me

I’m in one so pretty positive tbh. Not emotionally open though, couldn’t ever see how that’s feasible for me.

I think it’s fair that you share your take on open relationships before expecting others to share theirs. Otherwise it’s all a bit “let’s set up this potentially controversial thread and see how DiS reacts!”


Depends on the people involved, doesn’t it?

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i’m open for relationships, fyi

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Absolutely. If everyone involved is comfortable with it, then fine. Otherwise, no.

Oh god not this again…
Each to their own. They rarely seem to last though


This isn’t OBT again is it?


Love reading about this kind of stuff though

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Fair enough.

I think it’s all to do with context. One of my best friends, who has agreed to be in an open relationship with her boyfriend after 6 years of being in an monogamous relationship, finds it hard to do. I think I would find it hard to do in that instance. I think once emotional attachment comes into play it’s a lot harder to disconnect yourself emotionally. She’s had to deal with issues of jealousy, insecurities etc and I think to myself, is it worth putting yourself through that for the sake of keeping your boyfriend happy in the relationship?

On the other hand, another close friend of mine, who was in an open relationship with a guy who said point blank that he wasn’t interested in her other than for sex, made it work for about 6 months. Neither of them really cared about each other, so there was never any issues of jealousy or insecurities because they were never emotionally involved with each other to begin with.

I think in that instance I could probably do that.

On the whole, though, I don’t think they work. Nobody I know who has been in open relationships is still in that relationship. To me, especially if there’s any degree of emotional attachment, they’re a breeding ground for so many emotional issues.

Merry Christmas!

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P r e a c h

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Probably not for me, but I’m not enough of a thundercunt to make judgements about how other people choose to have relationships.


From talking to guys who have been in open relationships that tends to happen more often that not. I’m not surprised by that article at all. Guys find it really hard to meet girls because girls, on the whole, do not want to get involved with guys that are already in relationships.

I sort of think:

you’re either ‘in a relationship’ and have enough of a connection with one person to kind of conform to some of the societal norms that go with that in terms of assumptions of faithfulness, being connected to that person, not actively pursuing others, etc

or you’re a free spirit and your relationships are ebbs and flows and you couldn’t possibly put a label on something as organic as a relationship between two humans floating in space etc etc

the only problem i have is with people who exist in the middle and really go out of their way to let you know their stance as a deliberate polygamist/ployamorist. just reeks of trying a bit too hard / taking themselves too seriously.

As long as everyone involved is aware of the situation and happy with it then it’s fine, like any other type of relationship. doubt I’d personally ever be up for one though


Relationship norms seems pretty obviously something formed by wider society btw, both in terms of practicality or desire to do in any way, like Rick Stein himself

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