Open windows when sleeping

saw some comments on yesterdays daily thread about opening the window at night when sleeping

I have the window open every night all year long - love that fresh air feeling, don’t mind a bit of street noise. Find it soothing

Hate it when I’m sleeping elsewhere and the preference is for window closed stuffiness

we could chat about it, or you could all just do the poll

  • window open every night baby
  • window open only when its hot/ summer/ stuffy
  • window closed as I don’t care for fresh air

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Didn’t mean to make it private - guess it doesn’t matter

Window closed but only cos of ruddy insects

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can you install some kind of screen/ net curtain thing to keep the critters out?

I feel you would sleep much better if you could open the window

Window closed, but only because I’m on a ground floor flat with my room facing the street, and I think that if I leave the window open then I’ll wake up and my flat will be full of strangers watching my television and eating my cereal.


Id have it open all year round but the wife is a lizard and also the foxes in our garden are at war most of the time and we live on a main road. Recently pigeons have started landing on our windowsill as well. Ffs.

yes - my ex’s flat was like this. Plus her windows were the kind that opened proper wide. Really affected my sleeping when I stayed over

My flat is ground floor - but the bit of the windows that open are very narrow, so only a very small child would be able to climb in

i would have the window open every day but i live on one of the busiest roads in glasgow and it’s noisy 24/7

I can’t stand sleeping in a room without fresh air coming in.

Nothing better in the winter than the feeling of ice cold pillows, and being encased in the cocoon of a warm and toasty thick duvet from the chin down.

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There’s a little forest/wooded hillside directly across the road from our flat and the other morning I had to get up and close the window at 3am because the dawn chorus was absolutely deafening

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this is where being pretty much deaf in one ear is an advantage.

I used to have it open all the time then I moved to Sweden so I can’t do that any more because cold = different level.

Guy I know lives on the ground floor of a house in Hackney and the french windows to the garden are his bedroom windows.

A few summers back he left them open while sleeping (he fears not for burglars etc) due to it being so hot and woke to find a fox licking and nibbling on his toes. :wolf: :feet: :anguished:


We normally leave them open but our flat gets very warm. However, last night they were doing extreme roadworks on the A1 so we had to close it.

I love it too but only do it during the warmer months. Our bedroom is on the third floor and part of it is reclaimed from the loft space. It gets very stuffy in there.

The birdsong is deafening though. There’s one huge tree a couple of gardens down and it must be a bird metropolis.

Worst bird noise is made by magpies

We have quite drafty single pane windows/doors so you get the benefit of fresh air flow without actually having to open them.

Rail engineering works are the only time I’ll consider closing mine.

I like it in summer, not so much in deepest winter. Even then though I don’t have the heating on in the bedroom. Window probably gets opened in spring then doesn’t close at all until the first frosty night in autumn.

Part of the appeal is without it I properly stink up a room overnight with the dense fug of adult male.

I need to know what dissers so i can be like Nick from Clarissa Explains It All

I’m far too old to get this reference