Open with [name of app]

  • Just once
  • Always

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Hate how Microsoft Office is so needy about being the primary program for certain file types, even when you haven’t paid for it and it’s all like “YOU MUST USE ME FOR THESE FILES… but pay me first yeah”


i hit Just Once every time, i should just hit Always but i have commitment issues


i have a really old version of Office (2007! i got it for uni, it’s on its last life now as you can install it on a limited amount of computers and this is the last one i’m allowed) but they no longer let you go Open With - Word 2007 and will insist on only letting me open it with modern Word which i haven’t paid for so can’t really use properly.

have to open Word 2007 and then open files from there. shits.

I have an existential crisis every time it asks me


Still remember feeling like a hacker when I realised you could cheat on / ruin old games by opening some system files in Notepad

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I’ve mentioned this about a million times like it’s the only interesting thing about my life (it is) but I used to hex-edit the breeds on Dogz to produce different breeds/characteristics