Opening Hours



There’s a gym near where I live which doesn’t open till 8 and closes for lunch. How the fuck are they still in business?

Think I’m lying?

You’re the liar.

This is a rolling

all purpose

thread to talk about opening hours


There’s a bakery near where I live that closes at 1 pm even though it’s in an area that doesn’t have very many takeaway lunch options. I don’t think it opens at all on the weekend.

I don’t understand.


When banks used to exist they had the most awkward hours for working people, those that would use banks the most, imaginable.


Money laundering


when a business doesn’t put their opening hours on their website

come tae fuck


Money laundering front.


I posted that earlier


Money laundering front


Has anyone suggested money laundering yet?


Money laundering front



someone already posted that marckee, keep up


The actual launderette round the corner closed, so there’s another trick they’re missing.


banks would make their money off of businesses, not dickheads like us depositing £5 in shrapnel or whatever so they don’t / didn’t give a fuck about all the pleb customers

or so i have been led to believe


A lot of places used to do a half-day Wednesday. True story. People who vote Conservative don’t believe me. I’ve worked at a place this decade who still did that to make up for Saturday opening.

Should be as standard, imho.


Money laundering?


I think a lot of older people will have hazy memories of this. I wouldn’t know but I guess that might be the case.


Classic banks


It used to be standard to have half-day closing day (usually wednesday, but sometimes tuesday or thursday), and that included the supermarkets in towns.

We went to Bruges the other week and turned up on a Wednesday, and most shops were shut for the whole day. Bit weird.


What are they like hey?


My local chip shop closes on Sundays, aka the only day I want to buy chips