What operations have you had? I’ve had one on my ear and that’s it. I was little and can’t remember much about it.

Anyone had any good ones?


A few minor ops with general anaesthetic on my teeth, a few on my foot and a couple on my eye.

Local anaesthetic on a couple more on my foot and teeth too.


Duodenal ulcer burst. Got that stitched up. Would not recommend the experience.


Tonsils aged four. That’s it so far, thankfully.


I’m having one on Thursday. My first general anaesthetic. Not a serious operation, but I’m not looking forward to it. Going without food, water, coffee, nicotine and alcohol for a whole day is just the start of my concerns.


Good luck!!




Plate and pins in one of my ankles after I stumbled out of a first floor window.

Also had a couple of operations on one of my fingers - first one under local (the injections between the finger were terrifying) which didnt work, so had a second one under general, presumably so they could be a bit less delicate without me taking offence. Whatever they did that time sorted it.


Thankfully none. I think I have a bit of a phobia of operations tbh. Probably have to get something in the future, innevitable innit? I’ll be bricking it.

Good luck @colinfilth hope all goes well!


Had surgery to insert (a lot of) pins in my left arm after I broke it in five places and dislocated my elbow. Had another operation to remove the pins a few months afterwards.

Had three operations on my toes to sort my ingrown toenails when I was younger. Local anaesthetic only so I was able to watch and feel lumps being cut out of my toes every time. Really enjoyed that.


Got a 12" titanium rod in one of my legs, right down the middle of the tibia. The surgeons opened up my kneecap and banged it down there with a hammer, apparently. Pretty gnarly.




had a cyst removed. when i came around i apologised for having ‘dozed off there for a second’


Right femur slipped out of hip joint socket when i was 11. Doctor insisted it was a trapped nerve so was hobbling around for two weeks which was obv excrutiating. Got two metal pins hammered in and a 6 inch scar on right thigh. Started year 7 on crutches lol

Was supposed to get them removed at 18 (when i stopped growing) still got them and im 27 :confused:


I had a metal plate put into my eye to repair my orbital floor after being punched. Only a 50 min operation I think it was.

They went in via my eye and made no cut to my eyelid or anything. Fuck knows how they got that in there!


Probably up the bum and in from the back


They usually go in through a hole they drill just behind your ear.


oh thats what that was


prefer mine. no scarring.


holy fuck