Opinions/advice from DiSers that have stayed with you

I think it’s ok!

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That doesn’t sound as efficient as just cutting the skin off?

A man on MAFS peels ginger with his FINGERNAILS

so like you get a handful say 5-10 jelly beans and you swallow them all whole in one go with water like you were eating a trowel full of gravel? Then you go running?

He also once recommended an Italian restaurant in Plymouth that, when I Googled it while vaguely planning a visit, turned out to have closed in 2008.

What’s MAFS? And that sounds horrible.

Married at first sight

I think it would probably be about 7 at a maximum in one go to be fair but a small handful is all I need, there’s never multiple swallows or anything.

you must have a very relaxed throat

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How many up your ass?

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Thanks Bammers, very kind of you to say


Zero up my ass

Ahh fair enough. But yeah, I find the spoon method more effective than using a knife.


Coke zero?

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Where are we going here, Lonzy?

in this context are you talking about beers?

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey


Bam, I was worried about this too but they go down no problem! My advice that may stay with you is “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”


(agreed but it would be nice if we could get him to open a can of coke zero in his bum)


We could then say that he puts the QUALITY ASS into Quality Assurance