Opinions on Grimes?











Aqua for hipsters


Fantastic studio artist, but her set at Outside Lands was one of the most embarrassingly bad concerts I’ve ever seen.

Still, no knocking the last two records. Visions is probably top-ten of the decade so far for me, Clive


Aqua are underrated.


‘Visions’ is amazing; the quintessential ‘do-it-yourself at home on a lap-top’ album (although I’m sure there was far more to it than that!).
I can’t seem to get into ‘Art Angels’ at all. Need to give it another spin, as I’m desperate for it to fall into place in my head - it just won’t for some reason.




I don’t agree with the sentiment but that is a fucking great description.


Cultural appropriation era Avril Lavigne for craft beer virgins


I hate craft beer and I’m only a semi virgin. Jokes on you!


music for babies


Huh? Surprised to see that so many here hate her. She’s really appreciated anywhere else.


What are you talking about? I have the video recording of that Outside Lands show. It’s a great performance. Not perfect, but hugely entertaining/captivating. Some of her songs sounded even better live than the studio version (e.g. Flesh Without Blood).

In fact that show was quite similar to her Glastonbury show: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4k3593


Really liked ‘Visions’ when it came out, went on many a late night walk with that one. Remember thinking the first single/video from Art Angels was a bit naff and never got around to listening to the album. Think I just got tired of her sound anyway.



wtf is a semi-virgin?


I enjoy the recorded works of music recording artist Grimes


Art Angels is fab. Not sure about the rest of her stuff. Only really like one track from Visions, and never listened to the other two(?).