Opinions on Grimes?

I’ve probably said before, but I don’t really understand 6Music’s approach to her music. Two songs from over a decade ago get played roughly monthly, but nothing since has been playlisted.

I think Art Angels might be a bonafide #popclassic and I also really enjoyed MA. You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around and IDORU in particular

As mentioned above I have had to separate the person from the art a bit and not to do with Elon, that interview they did with her about Elon Musk where it was revealed they had a second child together that Grimes was trying to shield from the limelight just made me feel sad. I don’t think there’s any possible scenario in which having Elon Musk as the father to your children isn’t painful, aside from that they’ll be stonkadaciously rich

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Diminishing returns but I still think Miss Anthropocene had some bangers on, and Art Angels / Visions will go down as ‘‘good 2010s’’ records. If only she didnt keep writing songs about trying to get Elon Musk to notice her.

Also about 1,000 rip off merchants around atm like it’s still 2015




Astonishingly vapid and surface level

I’d suggest she has probably given it a lot more thought than a helluva lot of people who come up with ‘daft’ names for their child.

or maybe not i dunno.

what’s in a name anyway

Potential bullying as the kid gets older for one

Her manager has posted about another NFT thing she’s doing

In general maybe. In the case of the children of Grimes and Musk I think it’s doubtful they’ll ever be in a situation to have to worry.

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Oh yeah, was thinking from a general pov tbh


My opinion on Grimes is not great at this point, unfortunately.


Shes a tech bro who used to make good music