Opinions on Grimes?

Anyone who doesn’t like her is basically a massive sexist


Positive. Visions is good but has a lot of filler. Art Angles is an all killer strange pop record.


What you call filler is actually really great. Visions is a grower.

The rest of her stuff is out-there dreamy electropop. I don’t think I’ve heard something similar to them. There are some WTF moments in those weird songs, like this one:

Brilliant. Is Halfaxa worth investigating anyone?

You got tired of her old sound, but she changed it almost radically on Art Angels…

Absolutely. This is alien pop of the highest grade. Devon, Weregild, Sagrad, My Sister Says the Saddest Things are the most instant songs from Halfaxa.

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Well glad you enjoy it. I’ve bought the album the year it came out and have listened to it a fair bit and enjoy it. In my opinion Genisis, Oblivion, and Skin are far better than the rest of the album. While none of the tracks are bad in my opinion it would have been tighter and a better album if it lost a couple of tracks.

Now if you disagree that’s fine but its all subjective. I dont think its that much of a grower for me I liked it when it came out and I still like it enough to put on now and again. But I find Art Angels to be the better album in part because it has lost the charming aesthetic of her previous work which often had ethereal incomplete feel to it. Art Angels ditched this and focused on making the tracks tighter with more of a punch. Going full on ‘pop’ which is really where her strengths have always been.

Visions and Art Angels are 10/10 brilliance, live shows are great, mad drawings she does are also great. One of the best Canadians there is.

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Really love it despite all my instincts telling me otherwise.

p4k ‘but it’s art darling’ garageband shite

Like obviously never seen any of her horrendous videos or pay attention to any of the aesthetics which is bound to be awful but if one of her tracks comes on of a night it’s great. Puts me in the same mood as if a Kate Bush song had come on, really makes me want to dance but there’s a nice ethereal atmosphere somewhere in there. Just got to ignore literally all the context which is easy enough.

Don’t see why the vids are awful or the aesthetics

It’s fine to like her, she’s fucking great


Obviously not enough

Don’t you like even the REALiTi video? Come on, that video is amazing despite its simplicity.

I suggest you to listen to Art Angels again. Some albums just take some time to get into them.

Dunno, never bothered.

Might do. Someday.

Well, watch that video, it’s worth it. Bonus: it’s actually the demo version, which many people said it’s superior to the album version.

Grimes is a brilliant artist, the last two albums are absolute corkers.

I reckon she’s got so much potential for even better stuff in the future, I hope she gets the time and space to develop where she wants to go.

I’ve not seen her live but looking back at her gig reviews and people being a bit harsh…is it necessary to be a great live artist if you make decent music? To me they’re very different skills to master.