Opinions on this?

It’s like those articles you get where someone who wants to try not to spend any money for a whole week and so let’s watch them battle with themselves as they try not to buy coffee from a coffee shop or go to a friend’s birthday party or meet that person from Tinder who they just matched with. It’s like it because it’s awful as well.


And here I am eating potatoes and onions for days on end like a sucker


I’m just going to assume that she owns/ leases a needlessly expensive car and eats 2 avocados a day

Probably got really, really into Warhammer.


really quite offensive to those people who are actually struggling, init.


Hate these kind of articles. There was one in the Guardian about six months ago (well there’s one a fortnight, but…). Some absolutely dreadful human-being giving it the “i’m doing life properly, you’re not” while at the same time being thirty and living with her parents and them still paying some of her bills and, if memory serves, for her holidays.

It’s insulting to people who are legitimately poor, and i wish the broadsheets particularly wouldn’t embrace such pieces, but they must generate huge amounts of page views because most people will either be interested in money-saving tips (which rarely actually come) or see the aloofness of the pieces as a sort of red rag.

Our notions of what being poor means, and the way we swallow whole that you must own your own home and you must work full-time and you must save money, and the general economical privilege we have as a society are completely fucking ridiculous really.


tried skimming it to try and find the “whenever a tenant suddenly moves out of one of my buy to lets, i can be caught short” or whatever but couldn’t see it


Top, top lass, if I was single I’d be onto grazia for her number faster than you can say ‘absolute legend’

I’m not a doctor but that sounds like IBS to me.


Candles etc


why don’t her parents just not charge her rent at all if they’re going to give it straight back to her in handouts




(I think she’s also lying for attention and money)


Bournemouth rents are pretty expensive tbf. idk, I earn more than her and never seem to have any money but I fucking LOVE my coke and candles

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You should buy huge can multipacks at Costco or somewhere, m8.

Why does the sub-headline say “borrow”? Sounds like they’re just giving her money, tbh.

Nope. Unless she thinks a few is more than 18

"A few months ago, I needed their help paying the £100 excess on my phone insurance when it broke. I’ve even been known to ask for £20 just to afford to sit in with a friend and get a bottle of wine and a takeaway. Pathetic, right?

Eighteen months ago, I moved from London to my hometown of Bournemouth"

The title of the article is

‘I Earn 40k And Live At Home, But I Still Need My Parents To Bail Me Out Each Month’


why does she have a car? could save more money by getting her parents to give her a lift everywhere

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