Reading a lot of stuff about an ‘opioids crisis’ mainly in the States. Has anyone been prescribed them or taken them recreationally before?

I was prescribed for a bad shoulder injury a few years ago and pretty much had to stop the ‘course’ as I was enjoying taking them too much.

It’s dead bad innit, was speaking to someone I know from the states a few months ago and she was saying she knew three people who had died in the last couple of years from opioids and had a funeral coming up for a fourth. Grim.

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am strictly a benzos and booze kindaguy tbh

Had to go on oxycontin for a while after an operation. It was absolutely rubbish, just felt drowsy all day and couldn’t concentrate on anything. Got rid as soon as I could

Only had ‘weak’ ones (codeine) when I was having a particuarly bad episode with back pain. Didn’t finish them, but remember the constipation they caused was really, really bad. Bad times.

Read this recently about the US situation, seems pretty grim: