Opposite sex friendships

Let’s celebrate them.

Maybe it’s the male friends that I hang out with, but I find my female friendships far more (emotionally) rewarding. As opposed to my male friends, that concentrate on the go-to, stereotypical subjects of football, going out, work etc, I’ve always found that my female friends are far more varied in their conversation, more emotionally open, inquisitive, just easier to talk to, and because of that far more rewarding. I just love 'em. Go out for drinks, to the cinema, music shows, holidays - with one of my friends this year we’re travelling round the Baltic and with another one we’re going to Georgia. Cannot wait!

So yeah, let’s hear it for opposite sex friendships, both male and female.

Tired of hearing that men and women can’t just be friends.


Anyone who holds this opinion isn’t worth listening to about anything.


Sounds awful


Euuuuurgh girls are gross!

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Find that it’s a lot more common amongst uni-educated people. I was brought up in a very working class environment and it was only when i got into my early-twenties did i really notice others having large, mixed friendship groups. Mine’s mixed to a point, but it’s mates and their girlfriends. There are no single female pals in it. Can only think the reason for that is because men on the whole are big insecure babies, environments can become overly masculine and toxic, etc.

It does seem very weird seeing it written down, but there’s absolutely no way most of my mates girlfriends particularly would tolerate them hanging around with other women, which is sad, and i guess says quite a lot about mens attitudes towards women generally.

I’ve got a couple of female pals who don’t know eachother and are seperate to my main pals. One’s never been more than a good mate, it’s nice to talk to her about stuff, even just everyday stuff which just wouldn’t crop up amongst my male friends. The other i was involved with initially but is now pretty platonic. I wouldn’t introduce either to a girlfriend.

This is very quickly going to turn into a very judgemental thread, i imagine, but underneath the ‘actually, i don’t have sugar in my tea because i’m a real adult’ bores there’s a really fascinating debate to be had about why lots of men struggle to communicate with women and why these sort of outdated attitudes towards platonic friendships still thrive in lots of environments.


My best mate is the opposite sex. Have been mates since about 3yrs old and although we live in different areas of the country, and have done since we were about 18, we still drop everything to make time to see each other. The TV has never found this weird and now views her as a good mate too, and visa versa.

don’t have any sadly

find women generally a lot easier to get on with

most don’t wanna sit round getting drunk playing computer games watching football. can’t think why not

anyway in conclusion, gbowl

Had a lot of close male friendships in my teens and 20s, seemed to stop being a thing once people got into their long-term relationships/engaged. Now only see male friends in the presence of their wives/ as part of large groups. Shame really as I prefer the company of men.

if you don’t live in a city or spend years in higher education cultivating a wide group of friends or have money to indulge in certain hobbies then you aren’t going to be in an environment to do this.

I have two who have quite different interests and personalities from me, but whenever I see them I feel I can talk about anything with no judgment, and I can just feel our mutual support and love for each other. Very sappy way of putting it but those were two I could think of.

city isn’t it

think it’s just logistically very difficult otherwise, like I was to try to make friends with people off here or people who shared my interest it would mean booking a train and taxis and finding somewhere to stay, just not worth it.

Tend to get on better with women more than men. Maybe because my mum raised me and I grew up with 3 sisters. Or maybe because men tend to normally be more awful.


Got added to a whatsapp group for a Prague based stag do a couple of weeks ago. It took 4 messages before someone mentioned prostitutes and blowjobs.

None of my pals talk like this, can’t believe some men still do.


Jokingly or for real?

If for real the only problem they’ve got is calling them prostitutes and not sex workers

Have always had an even split of male and female friends. Really find it weird when some men I meet only have male friends.


I’ve cleaned up what he said tbh. Pretty sure the guy was in a relationship/married given the following comments. Didn’t stay in the group for long.

Aye same here, met them all at school and we still see each other as a big group a few times a year.

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Choose my friends exclusively based on their genitalia, ridiculous that anyone would do otherwise