Must be fucking loving this year. It’s what it’s all been building up to. Marketing does itself. All downhill from here though hey? Where do you even go next?

Booked an eye test recently?

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  • No

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Glasses wearer

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Secretly think you might need glasses but not done anything about it?

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5 points for the first ‘optometrist actually’ nob

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Went through primary school unable to read the whiteboard, assuming my vision was fine and nobody else could read it either :upside_down_face:

had two tests very recently but the first was my first in 20+ years.

got some readers in september - but then everything else went blurry so picking up my first proper geps tomorrow.

  • bins
  • geps
  • goggles
  • other (please specify)

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See I’m occasionally a bit worried that there’s stuff I should be able to see but can’t, how would you even know?

Can you read the car numberplate in front when you’re on the motorway and a safe distance behind?


Had an eye test a few months ago. On the photo of the back of my eye, I’d got a larger than normal head on my optic nerve. Got referred to the glaucoma clinic and that was a morning of pure torture.

(everything is fine though)

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You’re fine then.


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It’s not exactly the same but if you have five minutes maybe you would like to read this:

in the process of returning a new pair of glasses i got from Glasses Direct, either for a refund or a replacement/repair as they don’t sit properly on my face and look a bit wonky. took me ages to find a pair that i actually liked, they were fine with the home trial but the actual ones are crap so that’s annoying. Glasses Direct have annoyed me too by being slow to respond to queries and addressing my last email query to “Dear XXXX”, so minded to tell them to fuck off and just go to Specsavers or Vision Express or whatever

had my last eye test in September - prescription went down which i didn’t know was a thing, but they said it was because i was getting old so that was an enjoyable experience.

That’s the main drawback to getting glasses online. The fitting you get when you get them in a shop is important for getting them to sit right and be effective.

Do you ever think of fucking those shitbirds over and getting some cheaps off the internet.

You might not be able to try them on but they are so cheap it doesn’t matter too much.

Recently had a good experience with googles4u, bad experience with specky4eyes.

I broke the arms off a pair of glasses recently. Specsavers have said they can put the lenses in a new frame for the frame price minus £39. Good result as the lenses are quite fancy.

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yeah exactly, was fine the first time i got them online but this time round has been really slow and drawn out, now they’re not fitting properly, so frustrating. it is so much cheaper though, especially as i have a prescription of like +5.5 so if i don’t go for the super mega thinned lenses they look ridiculous. think these new ones were £80 all in whereas some frames i looked at in Specsavers that were nice were £69, and that’s before i factor in all the thinning.

probably go down again for a proper look at the weekend innit

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i half thought you were making them up but yep, there is an actual website called speckyfoureyes. might have a look.

(Glasses Direct are off the internet already btw :wink:)

Yeah but they are high end like you are J-Lo or something.

Don’t go with specky4 though as they were so balls but fucked up in the end and sent me the glasses that they had refunded me for. I cannot guarantee this will happen again.



sounds promising

might just get contacts again and fuck the whole thing off. or laser eye surgery. probably easier.