Optimum bedroom temperature for sleeping

My wife and I are locked in to what I guess will be a lifelong battle over the temperature of our bedroom overnight.

I like a window open at all times of year. Fresh air, low temperature and adjust bedding/bedwear as appropriate. She likes it warm, stuffy even. Fuck that.

What do you reckon? Chat encouraged.

Cold, ice cold please. I am yet to find a duvet that doesn’t make me too hot so I like the room to be chilly.


Cold is fine, being too warm is a nightmare.


yeah, I’m with you here. would sleep in an actual fridge if I could


Prefer it cool rather than warm.

In winter we do have a very think duvet and electric blanket though.

The only room I’m happy about having single glazed sash windows is our bedroom. Will always stick my feet out of the duvet at some point because I’m too hot.

cold and dark, a tomb would be great


How does your partner feel about this chilly room?

We have separate duvets, I forked out a small fortune for an expensive warm one from John Lewis (!) to ensure her compliance in the matter.

I’m with you, Crisps.

warming bed up = easy as you like

cooling bed down = hell on earth

It’s 16°, here anyway, September to March-ish. Anything higher is too stuffy, lower doesn’t take the chill off the room. No point having it on all night, though.

I usually sleep in the spare room these days because then I can have the window open and fall asleep to the lovely outside noises (rain, distant cars, nearby drunks etc.)

The main bedroom is baking. I don’t like it.

21 Celsius (°C) minimum. No open windows.

That’s nocturnal insanity.


Thanks man.


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Alright, Jay Kay.

I think 15-16 degrees Celsius is optimum.

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