Optimum bedroom temperature for sleeping

This is an excellent solution. Such pragmatic deal-making will lead to a long happy life together, congratulations!

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Separate duvets is a true game-changer, literally no idea why more couples don’t do it.

Because it’s the least sexy thing ever?

Pfft, as if I’m ever having sex on a weeknight again in my life :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Whatever temperature my five month-old daughter will sleep at is the current optimum bedroom temperature. According to the Gro-Egg, that appears to be around 20

People who refer to their wives as “Gro-Eggs” :unamused:


2 single duvets, one large throw over the top which is discarded either after shagging or after the possibility of shagging has vanished

People who assume people are married :unamused:

We both prefer it on the cooler side and often open the window. That said, I am forever putting my feet out or back in. Regular Hokey-Cokey for me.

Sorry I just assumed you were her “MAKE-SPERM”

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Really, I thought that was ‘too’ warm on the Gro-Egg. Ours was always hitting close to 24 and going red :frowning:

Yep, 16-20 is just right according to the Gro-Egg, but far too cold according to my daughter. So we tend to aim for just over 20

what the heck is a gro-egg pls

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When a man and woman love each other very much…


It’s a device made by the people who make Gro-bags (which are like sort of sleeping bags for babies) and it tells you the temperature while glowing a colour that suggests the right or wrong temp.

i’m sorry i asked

Window always open. Always.

Your room is supposed to be cool at night - your duvet is supposed to provide the majority of the warmth surely?!

Warmer than my room ever is.

really want to go down the separate duvet route

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Never heard it called that before.